We Are Women. We All Belong.

So, here we are, starting a blog. It’s a bit intimidating. How does one start out a women’s ministry blog to a diverse group of women, from diverse churches, in an incredibly diverse world? How can we possibly hit on topics that will speak to everyone? There is a strong tendency in our society to put people in categories, but how can we all possibly be in one box just because we’re all female?

We are different ages, from young adults to great grandmothers.

We are on different paths. Some of us are home with small children. Others are rising up the corporate ladder. Many are doing both. Some of us are students. There are scientists and teachers and lawyers and musicians. There are people who are established in their career, those starting out, and those who have faced a bend in the road and are beginning again.

Some of us are married; some of us single and some are dating. There are widowed and divorced women. There are women who long for a spouse and others who are content to never marry.

We come from different family backgrounds, different countries, different languages, and faith stories. We were raised in various churches, or in other religions, or with no religion at all. Some of us can recite Bible verses by heart, and others are brand new to it.

It’s so easy to worry when we look at all of the differences we have as we wonder ‘how can we all get along?’ And specifically, we ask ourselves: how can a few bloggers speak to so many people?

But the truth is that whatever differences exist, we are the same. Whatever our circumstances, we all fight the daily battle for contentment. We struggle with finding the time to do everything on our plate and how to put God first. We want to reach our neighbours and the four corners of the world but don’t know how to make that first step. We want to love others and be loved but we are afraid of revealing too much or having our trust broken. We desire to read our Bibles but we don’t know where to start, or we find it hard to pick up God’s Word in a world that is so full of distractions. We are tired and we are stressed and we want to find the place where we belong.

So I say to you, reader: If you’ve found yourself somewhere on those lists above, you belong. We are all women, and we are loved beyond measure, and we belong right here, in this messy and wonderful place called Church – the Body of Christ. Maybe some of the posts here will relate to you, and others won’t, but we promise that this is a spot where we can be real and dig deep. A place where everyone is welcome.

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