Don’t be swayed; stand in The Truth

Thought:  Having a firm understanding of our faith is essential in managing and thriving with the social trends of our culture, while holding a biblical world view.

Never before in my lifetime has faith been so prevalent in our global discussions, rooting topics pertaining to politics, current events and social trends in a singular quest for truth. It is awesome!

As Christians, even more so as women, where do we stand in all of this? Right in the centre! With this awareness, having a firm understanding of our faith is essential in managing and thriving with the social trends of our culture, while upholding a biblical world view.

With that being said, I am reminded of Colossians 2:8…

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ. (NIV)

The responsibility is on us, individually, to know Christ personally to avoid being swayed by secular ideologies and social cultural trends. This can be difficult at times, but not impossible.

Recently, I randomly came across a job posting, which I was apathetic towards. The job posting mentioned that applicants must accept and uphold the company’s beliefs and practices, and further required applicants to also live it out. At first, this was shocking to me. I did not realize that secular companies were so passionate about their beliefs! And yet, it was encouraging at the same time because it showed a similarity in the strength of our convictions – me being a Christian and the company with a liberal world-view.

The Holy Scripture warns us not to conform to secularism. So how do we prevent that? From my experience, I strive to be so familiar with the nature and heart of Christ, so much so that when I encounter injustice or I’m faced with current issues such as equality, abortion, migration, hate crimes, sex and gender, I can echo God’s heart and His truth concerning it. Knowing the Father’s heart is crucial for a Christian. How do we know the heart of The Father? By reading His Word, aka: The Bible. The heart of the Father towards humanity is elaborately displayed from cover to cover, helping us to address matters that confront us daily.

Further in Colossians 2, Paul informs us that Christ embodies the fullness of God, in human form. And because of the work Christ accomplished on the cross, Christians have been brought to the fullness of God. What’s more, Paul tells us that Christ is the head of EVERY power and authority.


Christ, who is the truth, rules over all power and authority. And He has given us the fullness of Himself. This is amazing! So, as the world seeks for truth, it is our mandate not only to point people to truth, which can only be found in Christ Jesus, but for us to live out the truth.


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